DMM Istanbul

Dinosaur Meets Meteor (DMM) is an independent award-winning agency, aiming to approach today’s problems with tomorrow’s ideas and break through solutions. Using the latest technology available as our guide, we are here to develop best of our ideas to inspire people, change businesses and redefine cultures.

And maybe one day, save the world.

Look up.

See those bright lights moving?
Some of them are just shooting stars…
But some of those lights, -meteors,
Those are the ideas looking to reshape the universe.

In the beginning meteors had changed everything…
Life had formed by it.
And today, so had the Internet…
A new generation had been born in it.

Just like Homo sapiens have come to an existence after the dinosaurs back then,
we became the dinosaurs of today; being outdated, facing informational extinction
each day. Today, technology drops on people just like meteors had fallen down
from the sky back then. This “technology” is both destructive and flourishing for

It’s a new time for those,
who were born through the new age of information.
It’s a new crowd with such needs and inspiration.
It’s time for a new brand experience.

DMM is an inspiring agency located in Istanbul, Turkey,
perfect spot for cross-cultural approaches and creative versatility.

DMM has also announced opening its second office for their Western
European operations in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2019.

Visnezade Mahallesi Suleyman Seba Caddesi
No:44/4 Beşiktaş - Istanbul, Turkey